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Physicians, engineers, scientists, allied professionals, and others involved in the field have a forum for sharing specific knowledge about the capabilities of various robotic techniques used in the treatment and diagnoses of arrhythmias. Programs are created to shed light on both current technologies as well as discussion of future developments.


These Annual Meetings contributed and will continue to contribute to innovations to robotics in the medical field. Interested to contribute too? The program committee is in process of writing the program lead by Dr. Pedram Kazemian and Dr. Dan Cooper. Keep an eye out for the announcement of their preliminary program soon!

Pre-registration will open very soon, stay tuned! For now ark your calendar and do not miss out!

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More to follow soon!

SCRN Creating a platform in robotic cardiology


More than just a meeting of like-minded peers, discussions, challenges, and different points of view generating new ideas and solutions. 


Welcome to our meeting gallery. Our dedicated photographer Emile Peters created a very nice online photo album of SCRN EU Inaugural Meeting 2016 in Amsterdam. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the EP Community to SCRN, Society for Cardiac Robotic Navigation, a growing alliance of robotic users that aim to further spread knowledge, drive innovations and advance technological development. 

"To create a platform for users of robotic technology in cardiology and the wider medical field, we founded Society for Cardiac Robotic Navigation, SCRN"  - Dr. Tamas Szili Torok, President SCRN 2016-2017 


The first Inaugural Meeting of SCRN took place at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam on 20-21 October 2016. The audience of a little under 50 participants had a first glimpse of what SCRN stands for and was given the opportunity to listen and contribute to discussions from speakers' institutions as well as video presentations from the United Kingdom. Three live cases from Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Bad Oeynhausen were part of the program.


Keynote speaker Prof. Hein Wellens gave insight on 50 years of clinical electrophysiology and a look into the future. 

Feel free to browse our gallery SCRN Members are free to  use the photo's

Forging a global alliance, increasing activities

A growing community of like-minded peers exploring robotics in the medical field. Increasing activities and audience for the SCRN Annual Meeting. 

SCRN's second meeting in Lisbon was a success, not only because of a growing number of participants and members but also due to the combination of efforts of the SCRN EU and the SCRN Americas. Instead of each group working in their own silo's SCRN EU and SCRN Americas have started to work together on their common goals.  The purpose of the meeting was to create one global SCRN, Society for Cardiac Robotic Navigation, that continues to connect powerful alliances between various robotic users. 

"Forging an alliance between the SCRN EU and SCRN Americas will broaden the scope of our societies and create synergy in our combined efforts" - Dr. Peter Weiss, Board Member SCRN (A) 

The second meeting of SCRN was hosted by Prof. Pedro Adragāo, at Hospital Da Luz on 19-20 October 2017. The audience watches live cases from Lisbon as well as boxed cases. The comfortable auditorium of Da Luz Hospital was the perfect setting for engaging discussions, in-depth presentations, and new ideas around the use of robotic technologies in medicine. 


Feel free to browse our gallery and should you wish to use one of the photos, as an SCRN Member you are free to do so. Please don't forget to credit our photographer Emile Peters, NL 

SCRN EU & SCRN Americas combine strengths

Shifting gears to strengthen the efforts of a global SCRN. With the first meeting in the US, Miami, SCRN shows the truly global reach of their community.

SCRN's third Annual meeting in Miami was unique, in the sense that it was the first Annual Meeting of SCRN held in the USA. The Annual Meetings will continue to alternate between Europe and America so all members of the SCRN Community can be reached.

"We are a growing society, high-quality education, driving innovation and creating an open platform to share is very important"  - Dr. Eugene Crystal President SCRN (A) 2018-2020

The program consisting of lectures, live cases from Europe, and the Best Clinical and Best Experimental Paper awards was very well attended. The growing number of attendees signifies the need for more information and knowledge about the everyday use of robotic technologies. With accreditations from EBAC and MedTech, this program aims to ensure high-quality activities to further explore and innovate in the robotic medical field.

Feel free to browse our gallery and should you wish to use one of the photo's please don't forget to credit our photographer Emile Peters, NL.

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